Park Assist M4 System

Park Assist® introduces the new M4 – the most advanced camera-based guidance system in the parking industry. Elevate your parking experience by combining our exclusive sensor system with our sophisticated software suite!

M4 System Key Features and Options

First impressions start with parking. Guidance from Park Assist puts your best foot (and parking space) forward, while continuously optimizing parking utilization.
Pase Web
Park Assist’s PASE Web reporting system turns parking patterns into a data goldmine, all accessible and searchable in a web browser.
Pase Dynamic
The best seats at a concert carry premium prices – why shouldn’t the best parking spaces? PASE Dynamic produces more revenue from premium parking locations.
Pase Surveillance
Covering every parking space, PASE Surveillance provides an unparalleled tool to visualize and deter incidents in parking structures.
Pase Finder
44% of parking customers forget where they parked their car on a regular basis. With just a few taps, PASE Finder shows them exactly where to go.
Pase Alerts
PASE Alerts applies parking policies and informs security teams of violations in real time. Manage staff parking, keep a lookout for threats, all automatically.
Why M4 Smart-Sensors over Ultrasonic
 UltrasonicM4 Smart-Sensor
LED Capabilities2 colors per unit (red/green or blue/green)RGB-based signaling lights can be remotely changed to virtually any color.
Basic guidance and
wayfinding only.
Next-generation guidance includes our seamless wayfinding continuum – along with Park Assist’s exclusive
Find Your CarTM feature.
System controls limited to basic guidance.A wealth of features to increase revenues,
streamline operations, enhance surveillance
and more – accessed through the Park
Assist Software Suite.
Requires the installation of costly gate systems and the loss of valuable parking spaces.The ability to institute premium and conditional parking rates through our Park SelectRate software extension, without the need for added equipment.
A complex installation that requires complete shutdown of the parking facility.Installed quickly, section by section, with no disruption and minimal effect on daily operations.
Cluttered two-conduit design impairs visibility. Requires substantially more conduit/wire for a comparable installation.Modern streamlined single conduit design
with superior sight lines. Installed with a
minimized amount of conduit/wires.
Outmoded technology with no significant upgrades available.Software-based system with steady stream
of upgrades.

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