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Intelligent Fire Alarm, Voice Communication & Fire Phone System

The state-of-the-art expansion of Dubai International airport required a state-of-the-art EST life safety system. With over 125 years’ experience in the industry, EST International is continually looking for new ways to protect your terminal by pioneering (and rigorously testing) new technologies like intelligent detectors, peer to peer life safety and integrated systems. Our EST3 system integrates building systems into one convenient control panel.

Intelligent Digital Multisensor Detection Technology
EST Signature Series detectors offer true multisensor technology and exquisite reliability that virtually does away with false alarms. They accomplish this by means of an on-board microprocessor that constantly monitors the state of its sensors. Using a sophisticated algorithm, the microprocessor effectively distinguishes between a legitimate change of state and a non-threatening situation that would otherwise lead to a false alarm.
What’s more, true multisensor technology means that a single device can perform optimally under a wider range of conditions than any single-sensor detector.
Microprocessor Technology
EST’s new multisensor design operates completely different than any other detector ever offered to the industry. The measurements from all sensing elements are integrated and looked at simultaneously.The on-board microprocessor enables the sensors in the Signature detectors to work in unison providing remarkable synergy. Each sensor’s output is processed through an algorithm and “weighted” with respect to its environment and time. Digital filters provide environmental compensation for each of the detection elements independent of each other. Combining the detection technologies of photoelectric, ionization, and heat (4D – time being the fourth dimension) gives our multisensor technology unprecedented response to all fires.
Distributed Intelligence
All Signature Series devices make full use of their on-board microprocessors. Alarm decisions are made at the device, thus reserving precious processing power at the control panel for other functions. This strategy, known as Distributed Intelligence, means that high communication speeds are unnecessary because the data reaches the control panel already processed. And lower communications speeds means that shielded wiring is unnecessary:
Signature Series devices can use existing wiring in most retrofit applications, yet at the same time deliver response times superior to conventional devices!
Electronic System Mapping & Electronic Addressing
Dip switches and dials are also a thing of the past where Signature devices are installed. Because they are electronically addressed, the Signature loop controller automatically maps each device’s location. And that means the system always knows what’s out there and device-polling resumes automatically at power up, regardless of the changes that have taken place.
By combining a number of common elements, EST brings Fire, Security, Emergency Evacuation, Access Control, and CCTV together into one cohesive system. With the EST3 control panel and the Fireworks color graphics event monitoring and management package providing the backbone, the Synergy Enabled™ life safety system meets all legislated requirements – namely, that life safety takes precedence among the activities orchestrated by the control panel.
After all, only a truly integrated fire and security system can assure that high volume card access activity will not affect the priority and network response speed of fire reporting – a characteristic mandated by codes and standards.
True System Integration
True integration permits systems to interact easily, unlocking exit doors during a fire, for example. With the EST3, a simple program rule to unlock the doors replaces additional conduit, wiring and interposing relays. Want to disarm security partitions automatically when an authorized cardholder enters the building? EST3 Synergy Enabled™ integration and another system rule easily solves the problem.
So what does all this mean? It means that for the first time, security and card access functions will benefit from the survivability and the reliability mandated by the fire codes and life safety standards. It means that costs will be reduced because system resources will now be shared. It means that installation will be vastly more efficient. No more layering of system upon system and no more finger pointing. No more patch-work protocols or gateways that shoehorn one system into another. Just the simple elegance of a single system unencumbered by needless redundancy – a truly integrated system with sole-source system-wide responsibility.

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