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ARIONA Indoor Air Hygiene

The ARIONA® AIRCAT is a portable stand-alone, ready to plug-in unit for air treatment, and purifi cation, deodorization and disinfections. It is a practical solution for “sick building syndrome” and air treatment polluted with bacteria, germs, odours, dust and gases.

Artikle no. 16.400
Artikle no. 16.402
Artikl no. 16.403
The preferred application areas:
Offices, social areas, hotels, waiting rooms, changing rooms, hospitals wards, medical practices, old people and nursing homes, veterinary consulting rooms and surgeries, sales areas, supermarkets, laboratories, smoking-rooms, private homes smells neutralization: wet walls, stoves and fires, cellar-smells, pet-smell and odour polluted rooms of all types.
Passive type module STM
The Passive Sterilizer is ceiling or wall mounted. It is made from stainless steel. All the STM Models are ready-to plug-in. According to a particular application a built-in or remote intensity controllers can control them.
The preferred application areas:

It is used in microbiological laboratories, dry storage rooms, in sales rooms, dress rooms, etc. The stainless steel models are suitable for rooms with high humidity and with an aggressive environment, such as: cold rooms for meat, sausage, fish, cheese and vegetables, portioning and packing rooms, rubbish dumping areas, animal breeding rooms for medical purposes, veterinarian medicine.

In-Duct Module IC

The ARIONA® air cleaning and disinfection appliances allow practice orientated solutions for specific air treatment like cleaning, disinfection, regeneration etc.

With the energy of the corona effect nascent oxygen atoms bipolar oxygen ions and oxygen radicals (ozone) are generated. Such conditions of oxygen are omnipresent within our nature. Mainly responsible for this is the UV-radiation which charges the air electro statically and split oxygen molecules in small quantity. The following four main effects will be achieved:

  1. Creation of a natural bio climate with a natural electrical conductivity of the air and supply of oxygen ions.
  2. Transformation of the air overlaid smells (volatile organic compounds, VOC) by oxidation.
  3. Growth-retarding and killing of micro organisms as bacteria, virus, fungus and other germs.
  4. Agglomeration of small particles into larger particles, which will sediment faster by its weight and enables filtration
The preferred application areas:
Therefore, for the air treatment of the supply and re-circulated air in production plants, restaurants, offices, conference halls, shopping centres, airports, cinemas, and concert halls etc., i.e. for any application, the parameters can be adjusted.
Shutters and grilles can be integrated and as the profiles are designed to fit together, no scratching occurs while in the process of winding up or down.

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