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Long Range Hands Free System

The TagMaster Long Range Hands Free Access System is truly built for any parking facility. The system includes small readers and thin tags mounted on the inside of vehicle windscreens for quick access with a reading range of up to 8 metres (26 feet).

Typical installations can be found where large moving objects need to be identified, whether they are cars, taxis, trucks, buses, containers or people. And the system is installed, for example, at airports, commercial garages, universities, hospitals and gated communities.
A combination of high performance and reasonable price makes it the most popular hands-free access system in the world. By using TagMaster Long Range Hands Free Access System, leading parking professionals can meet the demand for exceptional throughput both today and in the future.
Faster Flow
The system’s automatic vehicle identification (AVI) system can manage and control all the entrances and exits of your parking facility. Driver validation takes just milliseconds, resulting in free-flowing traffic even during peak periods.
More Convenient
Entering your parking facility can now be trouble-free and convenient for your regular customers since there is no longer any need to stop, wind down windows or position vehicles near the barrier. This is especially appreciated when it is raining or during rush hours.
Better Security & Control
The system increases the level of security by denying access to unauthorized drivers. At the same time, maintenance and operating costs are reduced thanks to a very reliable system that can control unattended parking facilities. User friendly PC software makes handling the system easy and provides detailed statements for customers.
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