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Aluminium Security Roller Shutters

With normal shutters, unauthorised persons can gain access into buildings by forcefully lifting the shutters up to half a metre and sending a person underneath to activate the controls internally. ESRO self-locking security roller shutters, blinds and grilles were developed as the result of research done by ESRO, Germany to combat this problem of unauthorised access.
Unique Self-Locking System
With ESRO’s self locking security shutters, each profile locks within the guide rail once the shutter is fully suspended and a special mounting technique eradicates the possibility of an authorised opening of the blind. No external locks are required. The security blinds have a European Security Rating of ER4; which is just one level below the rating for safes.
Some salient features of these products are as follows:
High Stability
The products are made of extruded aluminium alloy AIMgSi 0.5 F 22/25. The design of the profiles, coupled with the weight and strength of the product makes it highly resistant to wind pressure and any attempt to pull it out of the guide rail.
Wide Width
ESRO’s profiles are specially designed and extruded with precision to acheive high stability and as a result ESRO’s shutters and grilles are able to span up to 12 metres in width without a central mullion and with no sagging.
Small Winding Pack
The design of the profiles allows for a very smal winding pack so that installation into most spaces is possible including behind shop windows and existing buildings where headroom is limited.
Low Noise
Metal to metal contact is minimised in the design of the curtain system with the incorporation of PVC strips in the guide rails. The shutters and grilles are certified as low noise shutters and are permitted to be used even in residential areas in Germany.
As aesthetic apperance, coupled with low maintenance, ESRO shutters and grilles make an excellent choice.
Various Design
The blinds and shutters can be single or double walled. For the grilles, the grille pieces can be in LM72 (55 mm pitch) or LM82 (80 mm pitch) and of varying widths to the customers desire.
Double wall profiles can be filled with insulation for heat and noise protection or reinforced with steel sheets for extra safety.
Shutters and grilles can be integrated and as the profiles are designed to fit together, no scratching occurs while in the process of winding up or down.

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