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Smoke & Heat Detector Test Equipment

The professional range of detector test equipment which enables detectors to be tested, accessed and removed easily at heights up to 9m / 30ft.
Smoke Detector Test Equipment
Smoke detector test equipment uses Solo Aerosol, smoke test aerosol, dispersed using the Solo 330 smoke dispenser. This ensures the detector is not swamped with particles and does not leave a residue. Just one short burst is enough to set the detector into alarm.
Detectors can also be accessed and removed using the Solo 200 removal tool. This tool is suitable for a number of differently sized detectors and the design ensures that the tool remains parallel even when removing difficult to access detectors.
Solo 330 Smoke Dispenser
Feedback from a range of customers detailing their ideal smoke dispenser has resulted in the Solo 330. Lightweight, strong and simple to use, it has been truly designed for daily rigorous use.
The injection-moulded construction and swing frame of the Solo 330 make it the ideal tool for testing virtually all types and makes of modern smoke detectors at heights up to 9m.
The Solo 330 has been ergonomically designed for optimum use with the specially formulated Solo Aerosol. Together they offer fully controlled and efficient testing. Just a short burst of the aerosol is all that is needed to activate smoke detectors.
The Solo 330, developed using the latest 3D modelling techniques, has recently won a design award.
Features / Benefit of the Solo 330
Heat Detector Test Equipment
The SOLO 423/424* is a professional and robust tool for testing heat detectors fitted at heights up to 9m/30ft. Unlike the SOLO 461, it does require a power cord/mains lead but, conversely, does not require any special energy saving features
What is CATV™ ?
The revolutionary and patented CAT™ (Cross Air Technology) system applies the stimulus directly to the sensor in the most efficient way possible – horizontally.
In the case of heat detectors testing, CAT™:
The SOLO 461 incorporates a ‘reference platform’, which ensures that the ‘beam’ of heated air is lined up correctly with the sensor, whatever size and shape of detector.
Under the control of a microprocessor, blown air is heated by the element just before exiting the duct. The narrow opening focuses the heat into a ‘beam’.
Because the hot ‘beam’ of air is targeted directly at the sensor, substantial amounts of energy and time are saved. This design allows many more tests per Battery Baton™ than ever before.
Solo 461 Cordless (CAT™) Heat Tester
The SOLO 461 provides a solution for testing heat detectors that is second to none. Its patented design is convenience itself, whilst offering the fatest functional test possible in the safest and most controlled of heat detectors testing, CAT™:

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