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Smoke Detector Sensitivity Tester

Trutest is the world’s most technologically advanced field service instrument enabling fire alarm engineers (technicians) to measure the sensitivity of installed smoke detectors quickly, accurately, easily and above all, professionally.
A revolutionary product, Trutest not only introduces a smoke test aerosol through the vents of the installed detector to the sensing chamber, but operates using a precision closed loop system – measuring smoke obscuration and feeding back information to a controlling microprocessor.
Genuine 'One Test' Measurement
Some standards permits sensitivity test frequencies to be extended after proven detector stability.
This relies on tracking drift, which can be done only by measuring actual sensitivity readings.
Trutest does not need two tests to check the upper and lower limits. Just one test provides an actual reading in %/ft which can be compared year on year to establish drift. Other features include:
Really Simple to Use
Smoke detectors need to be independently tested for sensitivity using a third party device because their sensitivity can fluctuate. Over-sensitivity can cause false alarms and under-sensitivity delayed alarms.
Supported by International Standards Conventional systems have no facilities for self-testing and intelligent systems, often believed to be self testing, can be seriously misleading.

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