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Intelligent Building Management System

Building owners and control system designers often ask “How do I choose a building control networking technology that will meet today’s needs and give them a reasonable way to keep up with the inevitable changes of tomorrow?” We will always tell them to choose Building Automation and Control Network (BACnet).
Open Real Time Control Architecture (ORCA)
Delta Control’s exclusive leading edge Open Real-time Control Architecture (ORCA) makes the ORCA Series of next generation automated building control systems the most powerful and easiest-to-use. Its’ modular solution is also available for new or retrofit applications of any size or complexity.
The system can be expanded on a peer to peer basis operations and its high speed LAN architecture, modular controller platform and operator workstations utilizing native BACnet and other standard protocols allow it to be “build-up” to your specific application and inter-operability requirements.
Powerful User Interface
For small installations, a single Delta Control Unit (DCU) with the base I/O option can function as a stand alone DDC controller. It also communicates with zone controllers and other field devices for HVAC, lightning and access control. The ORCA’s Windows based operator workstations also provide instant, on-site and remote building control through their powerful, yet intuitive, graphical user interface.
Ease of Scalability
Furthermore, the modular hardware with “plug & play” system components make interconnection, scalability and expandability a snap. With additional I/O, network and interface cards, the capability of a single Delta Control Unit can be expanded and multiplied to handle large numbers of controllers communicating over high-performance, peer-to-peer LANs and WANs, so even the most complex, multi-building applications become simple.
Delta Control ORCA opens the door to true system integration.
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