Fire Rated Doorsets & Roller Shutters

Our fire rated roller shutters and doorsets have gone through stringent tests which include anchor bolt testing on its tensile shear load and electrical operators testing for its safety to compile with EN60335 part 1: 1988. Shutter curtains are also tested for windload resistance.
Steel rollers shutters and steel doors are tested and satisfied the requirements of BS 476: Part 22: 1987
Roller shutters are tested and satisfied on requirement of BS 476; Part 22 Clause 8:1987
Doorsets are tested and satisfied to BS 476: Part 22:Clause 7 and Clause 8: 1987
Fire Rated Steel Doorsets
Our fire rated steel doorsets, of an integrity of 240 minutes, are constructed of steel plate profiled frame and covered on both face with 1.5mm thick steel sheet. These doorsets, of 45-50mm thickness are available in single leaf of up to 1380mm wide x 2650mm high or double leaf of up to 2760m wide x 2650mm high. Custom sizes are available on request.
Other optional features that can be incorporated into these doorsets are:
Standard finish – hot dipped galvanised mild steel with primer. Synthetic paint finish or decorative surface cladding, stainless steel SUS 316 or SUS 304 cladding can be provided in accordance to the specifier’s requirement.
Fire Rated Roller Shutters
The fire rated roller shutters are tested to BS476 : Part 22: Clause 8: 1987 with 1, 2, 3 & 4 hours fire rating at Building Research Association of New Zealand. It is made of stainless steel SUS 316, Stainless steel SUS 304 and Galvanized mild steel.
The roller shutters are available in 3 different ranges:
Vertical Shutter
Vertical shutters with entrance hole of an integrity of 3 hours are also available. Suitable for openings up to 18m wide and 7m high.
Specimen before test
Specimen under tested after 4 hours
Lateral Sliding Shutters
Lateral sliding shutters are suitable for areas where headroom space is a constraint and where shutters are required to run curved-on-plan. Suitable for openings up to 40m wide and 7m high.
Specimen under tested after 4 hours
Fire rated lateral sliding shutter
Horizontal Sliding Shutters
Horizontal sliding roller shutter for escalator and skylight fire protection. Side channel fixed to a fire-rated glazed panel also available. Suitable for escalator openings up to 40m wide and 7m high
Specimen under tested after 4 hours
A staircase fire rated horizontal sliding shutter

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