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The weatherproof MOBOTIX camera transmits live video in large format (640x480) at minimal network load, saves several hundred images in the camera itself and automatically updates images on web sites or sends emails. Actions can be triggered time or event-controlled. The camera features an integrated computer and web server; Ethernet and ISDN ports are already integrated.
The camera can be connected to the Internet via ISDN or via a network and router. If you know the IP of the camera, you can directly connect to it using a web browser. The camera can also update images on a home page. The camera can use an ISDN line to dial directly into the Internet and to upload the images to the appropriate server via FTP.
Dial-up is either controlled by a schedule or triggered by events, e.g. when the VM sensor detects a movement in the image. Once the new MOBOTIX server service is in place (scheduled for October 2002) the cameras can be accessed worldwide without having a fixed IP by simply plugging them into an ISDN outlet. The ISDN connection can also be used to supply the camera power!
To constantly keep you in the picture while something is taking place, the MOBOTIX system can send you images when an event is triggered by one of the sensors (PIR motion detector, microphone, signal input) or movements are detected in pre-defined areas (video motion windows).
The MOBOTIX camera is particularly suited for production monitoring and remote maintenance. The weatherproof fiberglass housing (IP65-certified) has been designed for robust industrial use. Once the camera is connected to the network (e.g. LAN, WAN) the live images can be viewed from every computer with a standard web browser (Netscape, Explorer).
No specific software is required. In order to avoid compatibility issues, the camera does not use any plug-ins, ActiveX objects or Java. Using its integrated recorder and image storage, the camera can record image sequences triggered by events. Recording is possible before and after triggering the signal input by a PLC. The freely definable motion detector window also enables the camera to trigger an alarm and send an email if a conveyor belt stops and parts no longer move though the image, for example.
Playback of recorded images is controlled by the camera's video management system, regardless of whether the images originate from within the camera or from an external source and is accessible from any PC on the network, even when the camera is recording.
With up to 36 MB of internal storage, approximately 600 event images (e.g. cars) in high quality 640x480 resolution can be stored directly in the camera itself. This once more highlights why we are talking about the MOBOTIX system (and not just a ""camera"") because it controls the monitoring, processing and archiving of the images internally, without a DVR or file server.
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