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Scheidt & Bachmann systems for parking area administration provide a standardised interface to a permanent representation of currently free parking lots. This interface is used both by the Scheidt & Bachmann traffic guidance master computer and by external systems.

Additionally, Scheidt & Bachmann offers internal and external parking guidance systems as integrated solutions to existing Scheidt & Bachmann parking systems as well as independent solutions to be adapted to any systems existing.

A combination of high performance and reasonable price makes it the most popular hands-free access system in the world. By using TagMaster Long Range Hands Free Access System, leading parking professionals can meet the demand for exceptional throughput both today and in the future.
The internal parking guidance system provides by suitable detectors various options of traffic flow acquisition and single-lot detection via cascadable ultrasonic sensors with optical free/busy displays and a multitude of logical and statistical evaluations with graphic illustrations.
It further offers a parking lot reservation system for static and dynamic reservations. Static reservation is considered in general for long-time parkers. Dynamic reservations are for online service. For instance, reservations on the move can be ordered by mobile phone and payment guaranteed by using the same approach.
The external parking guidance system offers the acquisition of dynamic occupancy data from randomly equipped parking systems, and apart from statistical evaluations the logical processing and output of this data to different visualisation systems.

The systems ranges from a dynamic free/busy display through residual lots still available, right up to relaying to broadcasting systems for distribution in Internet, in GSM networks or other distribution systems.

An intelligent car park guidance system that provides a unique and comprehensive traffic guidance system to enable motorists to park at the fastest possible time
An intelligent car park guidance system that provides a unique and comprehensive traffic guidance system to enable motorists to park at the fastest possible time
Optimizes parking space with higher traffic occupancy.
Reduces runtime of mechanical ventilation system.
Offers safer parking for ladies, VIPs and employees.
Traffic controllers fully integrate all information on a fast LAN network and adjust accordingly with the configuration of the system in real time.
Employs highly interactive graphic devices, which require very little assimilation training for the user.
Central Management Station has full control of the car park with robust ultra-sonic sensors in real time.
User-friendly and connectable to any native BACnet system such as Building Automation System without any interface or gateway.
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